Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The teeny tiny guide to the Norse goddesses

I'm supposed to be studying. It's not very scholarly of me to draw little pictures, but it's the fastest way to remember who's who! 

Here we have Frigg, Skađi, Njerda, Freyja, Sif and Gerđr. Each goddess is surrounded by her main attributes as well as additional little details to aid my memory. Which of these lovely ladies is your favourite? Personally I like Sif, but my inner little girl adores Frigg and Freyja for being the most princess-y. (I think that's mainly based on my drawing though!)

Which strategies do you use for memorising information? I find it easiest to remember things that are written in colour. If I need to remember a lot of information for an exam, I tend to record myself reading my notes and then listen to the recordings as I walk to and from university. It's highly uncomfortable listening to my own voice, but for some reason it really helps the information to stick in my mind!

the little nordic cabin


  1. Hi, Nikki!
    This drawing of yours reminded of the one I made when we were studying Scandinavian mythology at school. I remembered Freja since then very well, as I made her in a red dress. golden hair and a pair of wings as an attribute :)
    I guess that you have great visual and hearing memory! Oh, how I would love to be back to university..golden days :)

  2. I like Skabi! :D and answering your question, I also use color in my notes and drawings. And it works, I improved my grades when I started doing this! Good luck with your studies!

  3. I would have to day that either Skadi or Freyja is my favourite. :) I like Sif, though. Norse mythology is so great!


  4. Such a good idea to record yourself! Listening to things over and over helps me for certain. Catchy ways of phrasing things/little rhymes always work too. And diagrams are good! Anything that makes something stick works. I like Njerda as she looks like a tree hugger :)

  5. Oh. my. god.

    You are brilliant! I never came up with drawing things to memorize things! But it sure helps! Love it, you should keep it so you can look back on it years from now!

  6. Me too, would love to be back in school. I have a visual memory so drawing figures, using colors helps very much. I have to take notes, can't depend on just hearing and remembering. But I used to make my notes interesting with markers, arrows, etc.