Tuesday, 19 March 2013

J.K. Rowling wins a point

I'm not a Harry Potter fan. I know, *gasp* *shock horror* *unfollow*, but J.K. Rowling gets a point for this wonderful quote: 

What a perfect way of putting it. 

Maybe I should start reading her books. I feel like I've avoided Harry Potter 10% because I wasn't hugely impressed by the first book, but then the other 90% because I've seen what Lord of the Rings has done to me in terms of obsession and I think I might turn into one of those Harry Potter super fans and then there'll be trouble!

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  1. Ooh no don't judge by the first book, the others are much better. But you make a good point; you could get obsessed! Like me :)
    I've never read that quote before, but it doesn't surprise me, J. K. Rowling always seems very down to earth.

  2. The first two books could easily be fleshed out to the mega novels that the others are. Give it another chance. Don't be afraid to be a Potter maniac. Embrace it. lol

  3. The books are filled with this sort of thing. Rowling's a treasure.

  4. My daughter loves Harry Porter. All of my nieces and nephews love Harry Potter. I am fascinated by JK.R.

  5. XD totally agree! I never had problems with people saying I'm thin or fat, but I know that to some girls that is very important. Oh well! (:
    I was addicted to Harry Potter so I cannot help you!

    Have a nice week!

  6. So pretty quote! Let's be Hermiones!

  7. Don't feel bad if you decide not to embrace the Harry Potter books. I haven't, and my teenage kids haven't felt any pull to read them either. There are so many books, so little time - read what you *want* to read! 'Light Between Oceans' by M.L. Stedman is awesome!

  8. She is spot on with that comment. JK is one smart cookie. And, yes, beware the HP obsession. It is addicting!!!

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