Saturday, 30 June 2012

A little little break

Sorry that I haven't been here much lately. My little cold turned into a super nasty lung infection so I have been feeling very poorly for these last few days. 

I travelled back to Norway on Monday night to visit some friends, before travelling to Sweden to stay with my boyfriend. I had been having some breathing problems but put it down to my asthma and just got some new inhalers when I was in England. After a long bus journey to the airport on Monday night, we had to sleep there until our flight which wasn't leaving until the next morning. I made a little cozy area in one of the cafes and drank hot chocolate and napped but at 4am there was a fire and we had to evacuate. I think it was because I was awake from then that I felt so poorly. Once I got to Oslo, I spent only a couple of hours with my friends before going to the hospital where I was given asthma medicine and kept in overnight for observation. In the morning my nurses told me I had a lung infection and gave me some strong antibiotics. 

I travelled to Sweden on Thursday, it was a very long 9 hours on the train, I had woken up feeling very sick and was then constantly being sick on the train. I was even sick in Stockholm station which was very humiliating. Thankfully, Swedish people seem much less nosy that English people and I was left alone in my little corner with everyone doing their best not to pay any attention to me! Once I arrived, I crawled into bed and slept for some hours. 

Now I can feel that I'm getting healthier and stronger and I promise that I will be back here to write to you all soon. I miss you all very much, I hope you are keeping warm and safe and healthy and are enjoying the summer :)

Friday, 15 June 2012

Rainy Days

To my girls who love flowery dresses and cardigans as much as I do, go and treat yourselves to something pretty this week. Let's brighten up our days. 

Cardigan: £20 ($31 25€)
Dress: £7 Sale (10$ 8€)
Both H&M

Sitting inside safe from the stormy weather, reading The Night Circus (review coming soon!) -  it has been sweet to sip tea and wear pretty clothes. 

What do you like to do to brighten up your rainy days? 

inspire nordic

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Award time!

Two lovely girls have given me these awards over the last couple of weeks and I've finally got around to posting them. Yay!

First of all, Becca gave me the One Lovely Blog award:

Here are the questions I had to answer:

What is your favourite song?
I have a lot of favourite songs but one I never get bored of is Ágætis Byrjun by Sigur Rós. I listen to it while I'm falling asleep, it's got lovely lyrics. 

What is your favourite dessert?
I think I love every kind of dessert but just like a little kid, I'm going to have to say ice cream :)

When you're upset, what do you do?
I cry. I think it's really healthy to cry, it clears your mind and takes all of the tension away. I listen to music, cry and then go to sleep. Everything always feels much better in the morning.

What was your favourite pet?
This question is too hard! When I was little we had a Golden Retriever called Tilly and I adored her! She was very sweet and cuddly and loved exploring in the woods. We also had a cat called Smudge who used to sleep on my pillow every night. I loved that cat with all of my little heart! For my 18th birthday my mother gave me a Springer Spaniel called Mackie who is absolutely lovely and you will see her here from time to time - I spend a lot of time with her whenever I'm staying at home! We also have a little terrier called Taz who is really old and blind and a little mad as well as two fluffy cats called Pippi and Olga.

What do you prefer to wear, black or white?
I don't really prefer to wear either. I like to dress colourfully! I'm too messy to wear white anyways :)

What is your biggest fear?
At the moment I'm having a big spider problem. I'm really frightened of them and do 'spider patrol' every night before bed, checking all around my bed, under the covers and pillows and down the sides for spiders. I check the curtains, ceiling and down the side of my bedside table too. The other night I woke up after a couple of hours of sleep and went to get some water. When I came back I turned on my light and there was a big hairy spider just
sitting there on the edge of my bed. I felt like it was looking at me thinking "LOL, someone didn't do a thorough enough inspection this evening". Yuck.

What is your attitude mostly?
I'm like Becca and prefer to have others describe my personality but I like to think that I'm kind. I really like making other people happy, helping them, cheering them up and finding things that I know that they would like. I mostly have a cheerful and happy attitude however I do tend to worry and I don't always have much confidence in myself. I need to work on that a little :)

What is perfection to you?
I think perfection is the ability to accept things the way that they are and to understand that we are all perfect in our own little way.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Candy. Of pretty much any kind. 

What are your guilty pleasures? 

The next award is from Sabrina:

In order to accept this award, I have to tell you about a time that I dressed up. I actually don't dress up that often but the last time was probably at christmas when I went out with my friends from home. I wore this simple black dress which was very tight and covered in little stars. The dress actually has quite a thick zip on it, which is meant to zip up the front, but I modified the dress slightly so that I could wear it with the zip at the back - it was a little too 'wetsuit' with it on the front! 

I've chosen the following people for both of these awards:

Each of these blogs is extremely lovely and I recommend that you visit each of the links I've provided, you won't be disappointed. They are all very sweet, kind and talented ladies :)

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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Sorry sorry sorry times one hundred and three!

Goodness, I am so sorry for not writing for more than a whole week! Right after I wrote my last post, I came down with the most horrid cold. I still have it now and it's making me feel ever-so wobbly and crackly. I have this nasty chesty cough that doesn't seem to want to leave my body and I keep having aches and pains all over the place. I hope it goes away soon, I want to get back to normal!

During my sick days, I have been snuggling up in blankets and watching old episodes of Outnumbered. Have you ever seen it? It's a British comedy series about a family and their super cute children. Their daughter, Karen, is the sweetest and funniest little girl I've ever seen! 

I mentioned before that I have to write a big project over the next few weeks. Today I got my huge Roald Dahl collection in the post. If you know me at all, you will know how obsessed I am with books. Those of you with kindles will be telling me that I could have downloaded them all instantly-just-at-the-touch-of-a-button-and-won't-need-to-worry-about-storing-them-and-can-read-them-everywhere-whenever-I-want but just look at them, lined up so neatly, so bright and shiny and new. My whole bedroom has that new book smell. It's wonderful. 

I've also been reading the most amazing book. I have a few pages left and then I'm going to write you a little review. Don't you just love it when you find a book that you can't put down? I'm going to be bereft of those characters once I'm finished!

Anyways, that's all of my news. I'm going to go and curl up with my little brother and rest some more. I hope you are all in much better health than I am today!

inspire nordic