Friday, 22 February 2013

Lets do some reading 2013: The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey is one of those books that you just know will completely bewitch you. As such, I decided to put off reading it until I had enough time to spare when I could let it consume me. Two days was all I needed to set aside, I devoured it in it's entirety within just 48 hours. 

I was so glad that I saved this book for my trip to Sweden. Having spent the day wading through thigh deep snow in only the half-light of the afternoon it was an absolute delight to curl up in bed and read this beautiful tale of an elderly couple living in the magical state of Alaska. 

The couple, Jack and Mabel live on an Alaskan farm, where they are building a new life after the tragedy of not being able to conceive a child. One frosty evening the first snow begins to fall. Together, Mabel and her husband, who have been drifting apart, build a little snow girl together. This first snow not only brings them closer together but it also leads to the mysterious appearance of a wild young girl, who we begin to glimpse peeping through the trees and leaving gifts of animal pelts and berries. 

Just moments into the first description of the girl I was reminded of this picture. Her delicate skin, fair hair and bright blue eyes are described with such clarity that even after you've finished the book, you can still conjure her up in your mind at will. 

I'm not going to reveal any more about the storyline because I'd like you to be surprised throughout the entire tale. If you like magical landscapes, endearing and relatable characters, stories of hope, love and determination, then I can whole-heartedly guarantee that you will adore this book. It is so hauntingly beautiful at the same time as being so carefully and delicately written. The only criticism I could possibly make is that it didn't last forever. 

Have you been enchanted recently? Which book do you find it impossible to put down?
Have a beautiful weekend my dearests!

the little nordic cabin

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Friday, 15 February 2013

When you forget how technology works

Oh hi! I thought I'd better tell you that I got to Sweden safely and wasn't murdered on my airport sleeping bench or killed in a plane crash or swept up by the snowstorm that hit Stockholm as I arrived. I did, however, have a rather silly moment where I forgot how technology worked, ie that I wouldn't be able to use my phone's internet once I left the UK meaning that I couldn't update anymore! 

Instead I've been doing old fashioned blogging in paper form so I'll have lots of lovely posts for you once I've returned to normality :)

Jojo if you're reading this, Sabrina left a comment on my first travel update post where she explained how she managed to find my posts under the new blog name - maybe that will help you! I love your dedication to finding me under your blog lists! Star reader! 

Ok, I'm meant to be tidying my boyfriends room while he's at university. Housewife alert. 

Happy valentines to you all, huge kisses and snuggles from the little nordic cabin <3 


PS thank you for your lovely comments, as always. I'll come and visit you all soon, I pinky promise!

PPS Valentines day Korean Style - my cousin spent the year teaching in Korea recently and has been sharing lots of lovely snapshots of her time there. I love the way that they celebrate Valentines over there! Abi (my cousin) is relatively new here, so please show her some love!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sweden time! Phase 3

Thank you for your comments, lovelies :) i managed to sleep rather well on a little bench, snuggled up warm and cozy. It wasn't bad at all and it was kind of fun to watch other people build their nests for the night! I met a sweet Brazillian girl who had come to the airport to meet her boyfriend after being apart for quite some time. She told me how excited she was to see the snow and I told her all about Sweden.

Now it's time to get washed. I have babywipes, strawberry soap and a sink in the airport bathroom. Not feeling too fresh or pretty right now! Aren't airport bathroom mirrors and lighting the worst?!

Picture of my little nest - that little stand had pictures of crepes all over it, it made me so hungry!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Sweden time! Phases 1 & 2

Hello my lovelies,
It's been a while! I'm writing from my phone as I wait for my bus to the airport where I'm spending the night before flying to Stockholm tomorrow! When I arrive I'm then spending a night on a bus that will take me all the way north to UmeƄ. So far I've had dinner at a Japanese restaurant and now I'm sitting in Starbucks with a yummy mug of hot chocolate :)

Do you guys like to travel alone? I'm quite independant and like my own space so am perfectly comfortable spending a couple of days in solitude, but I know some people find it difficult. My eta is in 36 hours, so until then it's just you and me :)