Thursday, 21 March 2013

Lesson time with Miss Nikki

Here is a small collection of things I learned today:

1. It is 31 days until all of my work is due in. That is not enough days. 

2. My reluctance to reading Harry Potter was purely down to my fear that I'd become obsessive. This fact was proved today when I walked up and down Goodge Street, then back up Tottenham Court Road, through Leicester Square and all the way to Covent Garden (and then all the way home again) searching shops for the cheapest version I could find of the third book. Good one. 

3. It is possible to hack a bottle of wine using the following items: a small vegetable knife, tweezers, scissors, a great deal of determination. 

4. It is subsequently possible to drink said wine after obtaining your clever cousin's advice to sieve out the bits of cork that fell in during lesson 3. Here's an additional tip, substitute loo paper for coffee filters for the filtering process for an subtle, toilet-y taste. Mmm... 

5. One bag of popcorn is never enough. Ever. 

6. It is mildly embarrassing to walk into a shop display and apologise to it in front of a group of bystanders.

7. You know you spend too many hours on the computer when you call breaking into a bottle of wine ''hacking''.

Class dismissed.

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