Friday, 22 March 2013

I miss you, Oslo

Tonight I'm missing my beloved Oslo.

Autumn on the island of Hovedøya was too beautiful for words.

This island was where I was happiest. I dream of that place now. It stole my heart. 

I miss the harbour too, the smells of fresh fish lingering in the air and the cool breeze coming from the sea. I once got talking to an old fisherman who invited me and my friend for dinner, but we were a bit frightened of him! Evenings on the harbour were so peaceful and in the summer it was just beautiful.

Jeg lengter etter deg Oslo

the little nordic cabin

You are welcome to use/pin my photos but please link back to me :) 


  1. Jeg forstår godt at du lengter, nydelige bilder. Jeg skulle så gjerne vært i London *smil* Ha en flott helg.

  2. I so want to go to Oslo! Beautiful. Feel better lovely x

  3. What a nice blog! What beautiful pictures! Oslo looks beautiful, but I really loved the giraffe picture in another post. I am visiting thru the A-Z.

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