Thursday, 11 July 2013

My Little Swedish Adventure: Part 3

What a fiasco! I actually got here yesterday afternoon but have been occupied by the fact that my airline left my bag in London!

So I am at Björn's house, bagless, and waiting for the phone to ring so I can get it delivered to me. Fingers crossed it's at least in Sweden now!

So it will be phone-blogging until then, since I packed my laptop charger amongst everything else useful in my infinite wisdom ;)

My Little Swedish Adventure: Part 2

Let us begin with a tip. Do not think you can wing not charging your phone before a long journey. Such things cannot be, um, wung.

It's 5am and I'm sitting in a little cafe in Gatwick, finally charging my phone and filling up with a delicious breakfast. I've slept maybe 2 hours in total, sharing a bench with a snoring Spaniard. Happily I made friends with a Norwegian lady and got to practice my Norwegian!

Now it's time to wait for my plane. And perhaps a teeny bit more shopping!

Oh! Last night we drove along a beautiful harbour which was sparkling in the most perfect sunset. I'll see if i can upload pictures here :)

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Little Swedish Adventure: Part 1

Can you believe how hot our little country is, fellow Brits?

Part 1 of my overnight journey to Sweden sees me melting on the coach as we crawl down the motorway.

Three things are making me smile:

1. My business cards arrived, just in the nick (the nikki) of time!

2. It's a beautiful, sunny evening,

3. The bus driver has cranked up the air-con: a gesture I could, quite frankly, kiss him for!

How are you all this evening, my sweaty darlings? I'm blogging from my phone so apologies for the format. Also, it seems i'm not appearing in your feeds again, so am possibly talking to myself. Sad face.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Summer Days

Good evening my dears, how was your Monday? I hope you didn't all have to crawl back into yucky warm offices today when it was so beautiful and sunny outside! 

England was very hot and sunny this weekend. I was home alone for much of it and spent many hours out in the sunshine, eating little treats and reading What Katy Did. Don't you just love quaint, oldish literature? 

Just perfect. 

Tomorrow night I'm going to the airport. I fly to Sweden early on Wednesday morning so I have to have a little sleepover there until I can check in at 4am. It's terribly exciting to spend the night with happy people waiting for their holidays. I hope I will be able to update you on my little adventure as I did before! I most certainly will be blogging from Sweden! 

Have a wonderful week everybody! If you're not gobbling up some nice, cool ice cream then go get some right now! 

the little nordic cabin

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Tea Party for One

Having recently moved out of a shared flat, I'm really enjoying some time on my own. Sometimes it's nice to take a book out into the sunshine and enjoy some peace and quiet. Reading is good for the soul, after all, and it's so important to treat ourselves once in a while. 

Why not find yourself a beautiful place to take a peaceful walk? I love walking in the woods and through fields of wild flowers. 

Time to settle down with some treats! It doesn't get more British than tea and fruitcake! Can you hear the birds chirping? Does the grass feel funny, tickling your toes?

Watch out for these sneaky ones! They like to steal bits of cake when you're not looking!

Do you enjoy spending time on your own? Have you picked your summer reads? I'm currently reading The Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George. I highly recommend it if you enjoy historic novels.

the little nordic cabin


help yourself to my pics, just be sure to link back to me :)

Monday, 1 July 2013

A Perfect Weekend

Clockwise from top-left:

1. My baby brother blowing out his candles on his 8th birthday last Friday. Doesn't time fly! I remember holding him moments after he was born and kissing his tiny, wrinkled face!

2. The beautiful sky that I spied out of the window of my coach to London. 

3. Drinks with friends at the Fullham Wine Rooms.

4. The wine came from these vending machines. You put a prepaid card and selected your wine. Neat, right?

1. Celebrating my results and my best friend's birthday with healthy snacks and champagne!

2. Bryony and I. 

3. A wonderful evening wine-tasting and chatting. 

4. Zara-sale! I love these bright trousers and of course, how could I resist a snuggly jumper?!

One final picture...

Smile! It was Bryony's birthday. We've been friends since we were 15 and she was one of the lovely girls who helped me through my difficult times. It was so lovely to spend the weekend with her, especially now that I've been feeling brighter ♥ She's an angel! Thank you and happy birthday, beautiful ☆

How was your weekend, my dears? Did you do anything special? HAPPY CANADA DAY to my Canadian readers and to all of you, have a wonderful week ahead!

the little nordic cabin