Monday, 8 July 2013

Summer Days

Good evening my dears, how was your Monday? I hope you didn't all have to crawl back into yucky warm offices today when it was so beautiful and sunny outside! 

England was very hot and sunny this weekend. I was home alone for much of it and spent many hours out in the sunshine, eating little treats and reading What Katy Did. Don't you just love quaint, oldish literature? 

Just perfect. 

Tomorrow night I'm going to the airport. I fly to Sweden early on Wednesday morning so I have to have a little sleepover there until I can check in at 4am. It's terribly exciting to spend the night with happy people waiting for their holidays. I hope I will be able to update you on my little adventure as I did before! I most certainly will be blogging from Sweden! 

Have a wonderful week everybody! If you're not gobbling up some nice, cool ice cream then go get some right now! 

the little nordic cabin

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  1. It's too hot and humid to do anything around here but stay in! Have a blast on your trip! XO