Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Little Swedish Adventure: Part 1

Can you believe how hot our little country is, fellow Brits?

Part 1 of my overnight journey to Sweden sees me melting on the coach as we crawl down the motorway.

Three things are making me smile:

1. My business cards arrived, just in the nick (the nikki) of time!

2. It's a beautiful, sunny evening,

3. The bus driver has cranked up the air-con: a gesture I could, quite frankly, kiss him for!

How are you all this evening, my sweaty darlings? I'm blogging from my phone so apologies for the format. Also, it seems i'm not appearing in your feeds again, so am possibly talking to myself. Sad face.


  1. Safe journey my lovely. I hope your night at the airport is uneventful in a good way. See you when you are back! x

  2. Have a great trip! I lost ability to see you in my feed ages ago.