Thursday, 11 July 2013

My Little Swedish Adventure: Part 3

What a fiasco! I actually got here yesterday afternoon but have been occupied by the fact that my airline left my bag in London!

So I am at Björn's house, bagless, and waiting for the phone to ring so I can get it delivered to me. Fingers crossed it's at least in Sweden now!

So it will be phone-blogging until then, since I packed my laptop charger amongst everything else useful in my infinite wisdom ;)


  1. Sorry about your bag! I never check luggage anymore b/c I don't trust the airlines to get it to me.

  2. That's wise, Jojo. I didn't even put my name on mine, so silly to be so trusting!! I had to fill in a form and I described it in such great detail! Seems they found it at least :)

  3. Oh, I hope they did find your bag! And I hope you are having a lovely time in Sweden, if you are still there. :)