Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Photo a Day Challenge 2013 - 02 // Something New

This morning we took my little dog for a walk in the New Forest. There are always lots of semi-wild horses grazing in the hedges and, if you're lucky, they sometimes let you stroke and snuggle them. It seems that some of them have recently had babies since there are lots of fuzzy little foals wandering around at the moment. So adorable! 

So here is my 'Something New' - a brand new, New Forest baby ♡

the little nordic cabin


  1. He is cute! Adorable :)thanks for sharing, Nikki.

  2. Oh boy this make my heart beat faster! I love horses so you put here a baby horse and you're making my day ^^ I hope you and your dog will have lots of adventures!

  3. New Forest is near Winchester? I am glad they are left to run wild. Here in the States we have such a problem with wild horses, mistreated and sold for horse meat many times.

  4. Aaawwww so cute! I want I want I want! I love horses :)

  5. You went to the beach on the first and horses are having foals? Is it spring in England? ;)