Friday, 11 January 2013

Happy weekend ^^*

Good morning my dears! I hope this beautiful cherry blossom tree brightens up these grey days for you. It's in Regent's Park, London. I love how it looks like candyfloss. If not, then I hope these fun links do the trick:

A note about friendship - I know that at first this seems kind of harsh, but it's kind of true. I've had problems with bad friendships, where people slowly but surely bring you down and zap away all of your positivity. It's sad to let go of friends, especially when you have a lot invested in the friendship, but if it's making you feel bad, perhaps it's best to just let go. What do you lot think about this? I'd be really interested to hear. 

Bra-time! - A super girly tutorial :)

A sleep calculator - I recommended this to my friend Dana but decided to share it here as well. I'm not sure if it works, but it might be a nice thing to try for all you sleepyheads out there.

Chimamanda Adichie's website - for those of you who watched the video I posted and would like to learn more.

and finally, a cheerful song to chase away those winter blues :)

the little nordic cabin


  1. hi, Nikki!thanks:) we really need positive thing snow. good news, the weather here turned to be sunny,and it became warm.
    just wanted to say that I tried to see some of your old posts and the blogger note said that "the blog at has been removed". i guess it's because you changed the blog name now it's not showing older posts. just check it with blogger team.
    have a nice weekend too!

    1. Oh, thank you so much for letting me know :) I wonder what I should do to fix it... I hope that they're not lost :( I'll look into it later on :)

  2. Love that video!

  3. Gorgeous picture!

    I checked out that sleep site. It's pretty interesting! Now I need to try what it advises. I'll let you know what happens.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh please do! I'm thinking about trying it out too so let me know how you get on :)

      Have a lovely weekend, Dana