Friday, 7 December 2012

the little nordic cabin

You might have noticed that I have decided (after months of internal debate) to change the name of my blog. 

The reason for this is that the previous title felt too limited. Although I am of course going to continue my efforts to inspire people about the Nordic region, I also would like to share various aspects of my life with you guys too. 

So please tell me your thoughts. Do you like the new name? I think it sounds kind of cozy :) I'd like to update my layout too, but I'm trying to find the perfect look. If you know anyone who is good with templates, etc, please do let me know!

I've also replaced the button for this site, you can find it just to the right -> 
please feel free to take it if you'd like it :)

Oh! and I made a twitter so be sure to follow me at @nordiccabin and let me know your usernames if you're there too so I can follow you!

the little nordic cabin


  1. I think the name fits perfectly. I mainly just use the blogger templates and make a few adjustments. :)

  2. I think it's a great name. :)

    Have a happy weekend!

  3. I love the new name, it certainly sounds cozy! I've wanted to update my layout for a while, but haven't a clue where to start!
    In reply to your comment, I can't wait to see The Hobbit, as I really liked the book. I'm going to re-read Lord of the Rings, as I think one of the reasons I didn't enjoy them so much when I read them was because I had to rush through them, since I had a lot of books to read for uni at the time. I think I'll enjoy them a lot more the second time round!

  4. Hi Nikki, welcome back! I do like the name, it leaves room for more than just inspirational things, like you say. I'd love to read about your life!

    I don't know people who can create templates, but you can get one for free at
    They're not personalized but they're kind of cool. You do need to edit the HTML but I can help you with that if you want.

    Also, I couldn't find your twitter account? Maybe you can find me @Pouffia_Blogs. I'll follow you back!

    Now, to the point: I've bestowed the Liebster Award on you! Consider it a welcome back gift. Glad you're back!

  5. Hi, just popping over from Sabrina's blog. As a Norwegian/Nordic person, I must say I am intrigued by your choice of topic for your blog! It's really cool that you take such an interest in the region!!
    I like your blog a lot!

  6. Hi, Nikki! The name is very cozy indeed :)I bet it'll find more followers soon:)I like even this template of your, very nordic to me, all that wood walls, and floors:)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too!
    Have a great weekend! Hugs, Anna.

  7. I do love the new name but for some reason it's not coming up on my blogger dashboard anymore. I've tried to add it again but it says it's already added, and I'm already following. I don't know why this post and the liebster award didn't show on my dashboard. :(

  8. I adore it :)
    I'm glad to see you back blogging too!

  9. i do like the new name too, lovely. i've missed you and i'm so glad i could read your thoughts again :)

    oh, and i'm so excited for the new lay-out! i love seeing lay-out changes! you can browse the net for the themes :)

    love you! - haze

  10. Following you on Twitter. I'm @raineerose.

    Happy Sunday!