Sunday, 19 August 2012

inspire writing

Since I love to inspire you guys, I thought it might be fun to do a few posts with writing prompts, since I have quite a collection of beautiful pictures. Here is my first one:

Who is sailing here? What do they see in the mystical arctic? Perhaps somebody is aboard the ship who shouldn't be. Perhaps this peaceful moment is about to be broken. Are they in the middle of an adventure, or are they finally returning home? 

What is this ships story?

(picture lovingly taken from here

If you decide to write a little something, I'd love to read it :) Just leave me a link or email me. 

Wishing you all a magical week,

inspire nordic

PS: A very happy birthday to my sweet blogging friend Dana over at The Daily Dose!


  1. I am so dry when it comes to writing lately. Will try to come up with something soon, Nikki.

    1. Aww, I hope so, I've missed your posts! I hope you're ok and having a lovely summer in any case :)

  2. Love this prompt!

    Despite the days of travel behind them, Clara still found herself shivering inside her bundles of layers as she looked out at the ice formations cresting the sea.
    Could her enemy, the ancient mistress of the Dark Sisterhood, truly withstand these elements enough to have a secret fortress here?
    Sirhqayya, like Clara's mentor Stelia, came originally from the deserts of Hylossa.
    Clara didn't have long to gaze at the fantastical ice shapes all around them. She had promised to row her own weight in this voyage, so that the crew would know she wasn't to be held above them, and to keep herself warm with needed exercise.

  3. Brrr. That brings up stories about the Hudson Bay and the doomed explorers who tried to sail it. Great photo.

  4. That picture makes me think of the lake I grew up on and the many ships that sank and are on the bottom of it.

    Nice prompt!