Friday, 11 May 2012

Sweet dreams

My dears, I just wanted to share a pretty song with you. Whenever I'm having difficulty sleeping I always listen to music like this to help me to drift off. I discovered this song today and it has such a lovely melody:

She's singing:
She sat alone beside the sea
and sang his bittersweet songs
until he appeared, and said,
"Swan, swan, tell me, where will you sail when the sun goes?
Swan, swan, tell me, where will you sail when the sun goes?"
but he never received a response.
If the world knew the other, better, side of life.

The song is by an Icelandic band called Rökkurró whose album I was given a few years ago. I hadn't realised that they had released a new album since then and was very pleased to find this song. I hope you like it. I will probably make a post about this band later on, but for now it's time to close your eyes and sail off into dreamland. 

inspire nordic


  1. Amazingly the vocal sounds like Bjork when she isn't shouting. It is a lovely lullaby. It's nice to hear songs that are not just mainstream.

  2. what an absolutely lovely melody and haunting voice

  3. That is very pretty, I love music like this :)