Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Photo A Day May - Part One

From the left...

1. Peace - It was very peaceful to live in Oslo last Semester. Last night we were thinking about our former housemates and the lovely times we had. One night we were all upset about various things and we sat together in the kitchen, cried and ate oranges. We always managed to calm each other and I miss the way that we used to live together so peacefully. 

2. Skyline - I know there should really be buildings in a skyline, but much of Norway's 'skyline' looks like this. Natural and serene. 

3. Something I wore today - I live in floral dresses and long cardigans. This outfit is kind of my comfort-wear. It's just a light cotton dress and a warm snuggly cardigan with deep pockets to keep my candy in!

4. Fun! - Fun is people-watching on the warm balcony, whilst sipping glasses of ice cold 'Fun'. Strawberry and Rhubarb flavour is the yummiest. (And pinkest!) 

How are you doing today? Is it as grey there as it is here? It's now less than two weeks until I pack my bags and move back to England. This time I will be moving into our new house, I'm so excited to get to know the new area and to decorate my new bedroom! 

I have a lot of books in storage and some are brand new. I'm thinking about having a giveaway soon because I want to find good homes for them. What do you think? Is a book giveaway something you'd be interested in? 

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  1. A book giveaway sounds great! And I wish I had more dresses and cardigans to be able to wear them everyday lol!

  2. Hi! How are you?
    Well, about the weather, I am so happy it is about 27ÂșC in here ^^ and so sunny!

    I have never tried this type of FUN (hehehe) but I think it is just brilliant to have "fun in a bottle"! Do you do something with your photos or are they just like you took them? The skyline really looks it was taken with a lomo camera.

  3. You must be sad to be leaving Oslo though. Still, decorating one's new room is always a blast. It's a very grey, rainy day here in coastal Massachusetts. Perfect for doing crafts! I'm off to the craft room!

  4. yeah it is kinda gloomy and dark here today too---i love your pics and especially love that you wear floral dresses and cardigans!

  5. Thanks for commenting on the A-Z Reflections, Nikki :) - I've replied to it, so pop over and see if you agree with my thoughts.

    I knew I'd seen a photo a day thing somewhere! I wish I'd known about this sooner. Looking forward to seeing what you produce over the days of May. Good luck and enjoy :)

  6. It's horrible here in wales today. Dark, raining and gloomy just as it usually is! I really want to do this photo a day thing. Maybe on Friday after my last exam I'll do a catch up post or two for it and then post every day from then on for the rest :) I also live in cardigans, flowery tops/dresses and leggings. So comfy :)

    1. Aww, I hope it gets brighter soon! You should do the photo a day thing! I'm just catching up too but it's kind of fun. It's nice to think about what to include and having a prompt for the blog posts - it feels a bit weird now that the A - Z challenge is over!

      Tops and leggings are super comfy. I would like to dress so nicely but I see these cozy clothes and I can't resist!

  7. Plus, a book giveaway sounds great! I'd definitely participate :)

  8. A book giveaway sounds like a great idea. I like the skyline better when it isn't full of buildings, it is more peaceful.

  9. It's a little gray here today as well. I love your pics. You've reminded me of how much I love floral dresses!

  10. It has been gray here for the last two weeks or so. We are anticipating sunshine tomorrow, though!

  11. Oh. I love floral dresses. And baggy cardigans with big pockets. Sigh. *running out right now to buy one*

  12. The book giveaway sounds good. I have lots of dresses that I never get to wear because it's never warm enough! It was quite warm and sunny for a while today, but then it started raining, big surprise! Love the pictures :)