Saturday, 3 March 2012

Have a cozy weekend!

Does it come as any surprise that England is cold and foggy and rainy today? I'm therefore going to spend my weekend wrapped up warm, eating lots of my mother's food (such a treat for a poor student!) and having snuggly time on the sofa. What plans do you all have?

Here are some fun links to read while you have your morning coffee:

Now your child's imaginary friends can become real, thanks to this amazing lady

A little gift to my nerdy friends out there

Too cute to function

sweet idea for decorating gifts

Remember to sign up here for a super fun April!

Have a cozy day!

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  1. It's not cold but it is raining here - think I'll hide in my house all weekend!

  2. Rain. Check.
    Fog. Check.
    Colder. Check.

    Ah yes, North Yorkshire is doing its bit to make sure winter comes back. I am proud.

    Nice links as well :)

  3. Good old England, you can always count on the rain! The afternoon turned out ok where I am, not that I could enjoy it being stuck inside with a major headache! I'm from good old Grimsby, in North-East Lincolnshire :)

  4. oh how i love that kitten photo.. and i'm so envious of your being in England. i dream of being there every day.. and i love the Northern lights! i've seen them quite a few times here in Michigan over the years:)

    your blog is so lovely! thank you for the sweet comment:) xoxo