Thursday, 23 February 2012

Where are all of the animals hiding?

Today I would like to talk about animals. Living in a student village doesn't give much opportunity to see animals, nor does living in Scandinavia, apparently. 

Scandinavia seems like such a natural environment, you'd think that it was possible to see wild animals all of the time. Back home in England, you frequently drive past fields full of rabbits, catch a glimpse foxes in your garden or spot a herd of deer rushing past you in the woods. 

With such wonderful forest creatures living in the forests, I always (childishly) thought I would be surrounded them at all times. I had this sort of Snow White, living amongst the deer and owls thing going on for a while. But that's really not the case. Since there is so much forest here, the animals rarely come to the roadside or anywhere near the people. They don't really need to. 

It's a shame, I never expected I would miss wild animals like I do. But can also be quite nice. I was lucky enough this morning to peek out of my window and be pleasantly surprised with  two red squirrels playing and chasing each other through the trees. (Red squirrels are very rare in England). It's nice to be able to appreciate these things. 

What's your favourite animal? I love all of the typical Scandinavian animals, especially deer and bears.

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(pictures lovingly taken from herehere & here)

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  1. I lived in Sweden until I was 9. Our house was two houses away from the woods, through which we'd walk to "Farmor och Farfar"s house. (If you don't know those two words, you'll learn them 4/1 ;-). I loved playing in those woods. There was a part of the way there that was a really beautiful meadow, and my best friend and I would "harvest" some of the long grass and braid it to make a crib for our dolls. As an adult, looking back on the freedom we had as fairly little kids was something I took for granted, and was THE hardest adjustment in moving across the Atlantic. This is sounding suspiciously like a post by I'll stop for now.
    Just one more thing. The highway we took to get from our tiny suburb to Gothenburg had very high fences and signs warning against moose entering the highway. I never saw one...
    Tina @ Life is Good

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  2. Hey, I have tagged you on my blog

  3. Pretty linens! It's probably a good sign that there is enough wilderness for the critters to stay hidden out there. I imagine we see so many around here because we've thoroughly encroached on their turf and they have too few good hiding places away from humans. I love to watch squirrels frolicking!

    My favorite animals are typically predators, I guess. What does that say about me? I love mountain lions and wolves. So beautiful and powerful.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z