Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Oh Land and Updates

Hey everyone! 

It's been ever such a long time again, hasn't it? How have you all been? What have you been doing? I miss your updates! 

I have been a very busy bee, working with my new project, The International Feminist Book Club as well as becoming an admin on the group Females of the World, an online collection of art, photography and writing from around the world, contributed to us by our followers. We're hosting our first giveaway over there shortly, so if this group sounds interesting to you, pop along and see what we're all about!

Oh Land, a Danish singer whom I love, has just released her new album, Wishbone. She sings in English and you can see her singing and dancing here:

I'm planning to return here soon with lots of new posts. I'll be starting up my Sunday Writing Prompts again, as well as lots of Nordic loveliness including recipes, music, literature and more! 

Love to you all, 

Nikki x

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