Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hej då

How sad I am to be leaving this beautiful town. 

I have spent the last week with new people and I have had such a wonderful time. My friend came to stay from London and we spent the week meeting new friends, drinking and having cozy evenings together. 

When I met some of Björn's family, they asked me what differences I noticed between England and Sweden and during my time here I have come up with many. One of my favorite things about Sweden is how free I feel here. The first night I met everyone, we went to another town to stay with a friend and we spent the evening down by a lake and it felt as though we were in the middle of nowhere. We went swimming and built a fire to warm up. As night fell the lake looked so beautiful and mysterious and we sat around just drinking and chatting. It isn't really possible to do that in England, there are always too many people around and the scenery is often far less impressive than here.

And that is it for now. I'm too sad to update anymore right now.


  1. "Why we always want the hair we don't have" That is so true! I'm now waiting my hair to grow longer so I can have a wavy one. Hope it turns out ok :x

    My friend stays in Sweden too. I saw a lot of breath-taking scenery photos she took. Absolutely beautiful place it is. I guess it must be hard for you to leave. Take care girl :)


  2. Sweden sounds fabulous, I would love to go there one day xoxo