Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Falun is a warm warm town

Bjorn's town lies in a valley, which means that the summers are very very hot and the winters are very very cold. Today it is cloudy, but the air is so amazingly warm. I've never really experienced humid weather before and was therefore horrified by the amount of sweat that comes with this kind of weather! And when the wind blows, it blows hot air, so it feels like you're standing in a hairdryer! 

Luckily all of the nature is free in Sweden. You never have to worry that you might be trespassing. This means that on hot, sticky days like today, you can find a nice cool lake to bathe in.

How is the weather where you are? Is England still underwater? I heard a heat wave is coming!

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A kind of, round about, lame excuse for my absence

You know how when there's a power cut and your laptop doesn't work and you repeatedly go to it and try to switch it on anyway, even if you know that the battery is dead and then you try the tv but no, that needs electricity too and then suddenly you need tea more than anything else in the whole world but the kettle doesn't even work and you run around your house wondering what just WHAT exactly they even just DID in the olden days? 

Well, my life has been a little bit like that during the last month or so. 

Since my laptop, charger, mobile phone and camera are all such great friends and like to gang up on me and do funny things like all break at exactly the same time, I'm bascially living in a constant power cut.

I don't have enough spare money to replace everything but I'm going to get a new laptop soon so at least I can write again! I'm going to save up for a new camera, but for now I can only promise you crazyweird webcam pictures.

By the way, that's a jumper I stole from Bjorn. I'd like you all to promise me that if you ever visit Scandinavia you will prioritise buying one of their special jumpers. Even above food and shelter. Because think about everything snuggley you've ever experienced and then mix that with everything cozy you've ever seen. Now add puppies and tickling babies and rolling down a hill made of warm, wrapped in a blanket of bunnies tails. That's what you will be buying if you buy a jumper like this. 

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PS: Incase you were wondering, in the olden days they read and talked and ate quite a considerable amount of cookies. They definitely did not constantly whine and complain and send their computers looks of resentment and deep hatred.

Monday, 23 July 2012

One year

It has been one whole year since the sea of roses began flooding my pretty little town, a year since Norway declared that it would be fighting hate with love.

"Legg di hand i mi hand så er vi sterke saman så er vi svake saman så er vi saman" - Åse-Marie Nesse

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